Uniel S-CT1-1,5U review

And then there are a lot of laudatory reviews - "I received it, I did not open it, the saint is harosh" ...

You need to understand that this device is designed for a load of less than 500W, but I would say: 100W 220V and 2W - 5V

Top, taken as an adapter for a smart socket + power supply of a led clock

The top and bottom covers are latched, apparently the hole for 1 USB could not be cut straight, you can feel the manual approach to work

Inside (top view), surprisingly done neatly (as far as hard manual labor allows)

Unwashed tin balls on plastic next to soldering

Board close-up

When the power is exceeded 2.5W, the voltage drops even more ...

Built power supply unit based on LP3773 Shenzhen Xinmao Microelectronics

Issue price ~ 300-350 rubles. Honestly I expected much worse, because for the given price, I remember only extension cords, which were soldered by the society of the blind and disabled ...

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